What My Moms Say

Yes I would recommend this programme to other Moms and at any stage as it was extremely helpful as a reintroduction to exercise. It is a friendly atmosphere where I never felt judged on my ability or postpartum body. The 2 classes a week was definitely ideal for me especially as I wasn’t great at doing the homework videos. I got exactly what I wanted out of this course & more. It definitely highlighted some issues I didn’t know were there but also how to fix them.

Kerri Ryan

The classes were fantastic & the 1 to 1 was great and I always felt I could speak to Sara after class if I had any concerns. Sara was so helpful and lovely, made me feel really comfortable and at ease. I have felt a little intimidated in other exercise classes and silly if I couldn't keep up but Sara never made me feel that way. I've paid a lot more for a 6-week exercise class and didn't find it as beneficial. Brilliant value for money!!! I would recommend this programme 100%. My baby was a bit older than some of the other babies when I started so I would say it would suit any stage postnatal! Once your baby can stay pretty much in one spot:).

Yvonne O'Sullivan

Sara is just fantastic. She is supportive, enthusiastic, compassionate and professional at all time. I haven't managed to do the videos as much as I would like but those relating to improving the core are brilliant, as are all of them as I need constant reminders of how to hold form. I would hope to continue to use them. The Postnatal Mom Guide is a fantastic resource and great to look back on. I absolutely would recommend this programme to other postnatal Moms. I started at 6 weeks and for me it gave me exactly what I wanted over the following 6 weeks, the confidence & strength back in relation to retraining my core and pelvic floor muscles.

Sheilia Downes

Yes I would recommend to other postnatal Moms and have already. It’s a good stepping-stone. It was educational on the tva and the pelvic floor. If I had gone straight back to the gym I would have been disheartened at my ability and also unaware of breathing and focusing on restoring my core.

Mairead Kennedy

I would absolutely recommend this programme to other Moms before any return to exercise at any stage in the postnatal period. I enjoyed all of the different parts of the class but felt amazing one day after doing the meditation properly. I expected to get just exercise & core work & did not expect the weights & nutrition etc so I’m very happy especially with the breath work I took away from it.

Kathleen Cantillon

I was expecting a fun physical workout as I’ve been to Sara’s classes before but I got so much more from support, healthy eating habits, greater respect for what my body has gone through and does for me everyday, stress relief...i could keep going!!! I loved the exercise mix of core breath work, cardio & strength training, pilates & yoga stretching with meditation at the end...all worked so effectively together and I can really see and feel changes in my body and how it moves at the end of the programme.I would recommend to other postnatal Moms from as early as 6 weeks and onwards... it gets you out to meet other moms, it helps u maximise your body's recovery through food and exercise and support..its great value for all that you get and super effective!

Ciara Byrnes

I can't recommend Sara and her classes highly enough. Like many women I had a keen interest in getting back to exercise after I had my baby. I wanted a gradual and safe return to exercise which would be pelvic floor friendly, yet still challenging enough to help me regain my fitness and get me back on the road to a regular exercise program. As a GP, I have seen the effects of pelvic floor problems that so many women live with, and worse, in silence. I have also seen many patients unaware of any problem with their abdominal muscles, and the separation that can happen after pregnancy called 'diastasis rectii'. All of which can impede a return to effective exercise, and core strength and stability. Sara addressed all of these issues and more. I was not expecting so much education regarding nutrition and also a focus on meditation and a sense of well being. The 'restore your core' assessment was great and allowed us to have tailored exercises throughout the program and the booklet and Facebook videos were a very valuable asset that were useful at home. All of this took place in a very relaxed, child friendly atmosphere and with tea and chats afterwards for us to talk about our lack of sleep & our lovely babies of course! All in all this was a wonderful course and it is a pity every exercise class isn't as comprehensive for body and mind. If I could prescribe it, I would!! Enjoy!!

Anonymous GP

Sara is super friendly and kind, just what a sensitive mom needs coming back to exercise. I would recommend this course to other Moms as it's a safe non-judgmental space to be as a new mum as you are all in it together and you have support around you encouraging health and fitness. There is a good balance of different types of exercises in the classes. When getting back to exercise I think I benefited from a taste of everything without totally overloading in one area. My concentration isn't great after baby so the short effective segments are great. I was looking for this programme to ease me back into exercise and what I got was the confidence to exercise again, a connection back with my body & encouragement to start eating healthier.


I needed it to kick start healthy habits and get back and be confident to resume my fitness routine. I love being active and the classes gave me a real boost, Tues evenings became my most productive. I would totally recommend this programme as it’s a gentle push back to healthier ways.

Mariam Normoyle

The videos were a fantastic resource. I’ve never had a fitness instructor take so much time to prepare material for continuing the fitness journey at home. I will treasure these as I can continue practicing the techniques at home. The FB group is such a clever idea. Not only does it offer a tone of support and resources it allows you to connect with other mums. Sara, you are an amazing instructor. Your patience, support and encouragement throughout was fantastic. This class was extremely good value. However the whole experience was priceless cause it gave me the confidence to get out of the house with a newborn. Its given me the motivation to continue my journey. But apart from that I gained more confidence as a mum. Yes, I think every new mum should do this course. I think it should be a compulsory part of all mothers recovery. We become mums & forget about our own recovery.

Caroline Carr

My core definitely strengthened and my fitness improved immensely. It is great to learn the correct moves/posture in a safe environment. I am very aware of my back and pelvic floor after 4 babies and was so glad to be able to work out being closely supervised by Sara to ensure I didn't loose form and get hurt. Learning the correct posture and lifting techniques are invaluable. The videos were great esp the week I missed one class. The Postnatal Mom guide had a good mix and it's great to have an actual recipe to follow instead of having to scroll through the phone! Sara is just so lovely and encouraging, I felt so comfortable in class and had no hesitation in asking a question at any time. The whole vibe of the classes is really chilled out all the while getting a very decent workout completed!

Annette Gayson

I was always into my fitness ever before having babies so the exercising wasn’t hard for me to get back into. However I need reminding to be nutritionally healthy too and often get bored of eating the same thing. Really enjoyed the introduction to new foods and new recipes and esp tasting them at the classes!! Yes I would definitely recommend this course, I couldn’t fault a thing! Blankets and cushions provided for relaxation period too! I mean this course has thought of everything!!!

Carol Carroll

A guide in the right direction towards getting your body back after having a baby. A monitored, non pressurised, encouraging coach to help you achieve your goal, with follow up helpful videos to remind you to connect with yourself and continue your fitness at home. The Postnatal Coach is all of these things and more!


Yes I would definitely recommend this programme. The private 1 to 1 assessment was excellent. I loved the Postnatal Mom Guide, I did all the videos, they were great. Sara is one amazing lady & I honestly can’t think of anything I would change about this programme.


I found Sara was excellent. Very passionate about helping moms. Yes I would definitely recommend this programme. It was recommended to me by friends, it's a great class to get you back into exercise.

Noreen Carroll

Yes I would absolutely recommend this programme. I got exactly what I hoped I would get out of it, which was a better connection to pelvic floor, improvement in DR, friendship with other mums.


Found the videos great! As I missed a few classes with Ollie it was brilliant that I could do them at home and felt like I wasn't missing out and was up to speed at the following class. I also loved the Facebook group, great tips and advice. I also enjoyed reading the Postnatal Mom guide! I have tried a few recipes and they were so easy and straightforward. Location was brilliant, room was nice and spacious and equipment was great to have all on site and not have to carry anything with us. Sara u were fantastic... So patient and so helpful! I'll definitely be recommending you and your course to friends. It was brilliant value....really well worth it. It was great to get back into a routine of some bit, meet other new mom's, get tips and advice and best of all have a super instructor to help along the way!

Kym Tobin

Sara is full of knowledge & very approachable. Every woman should do this it’s so affordable and makes such a difference to your life after having a baby. I would definitely recommend to other Moms as we all need help after having our babies to get our bodies back to normal and get stronger with people who have been through the same thing without feeling embarrassed.

Caroline Coyne

I loved the home videos. They really helped me progress in my recovery. They also kept me focused and guided me in getting fit again in a safe way. Baby Holly also loved watching me doing them. I would definitely recommend this programme, as it is much more than an exercise class. It is good for mind, body and spirit. It is an opportunity to meet other mums and have fun. Sara is very knowledgeable and supportive & is very gentle & encouraging in her approach, she really minded us.

Marie Louise Quain

I would definitely recommend, myself and Fiadh loved the classes. I felt at ease and it was just the kickstart I needed to get back to exercise. Sara is amazing!!! Relatable, real and so professional. The video content and booklet are great takeaways.

Deirdre Hussey

Sara is amazing....knows so much and just so down to earth, positive and realistic.• It is so much more than I expected. I didn’t do much research and thought it was an easy buggy bootcamp to get started but it is so much more! Money so well spent!


Really love how supportive & kind Sara is but she also pushes you at the same time. She genuinely enjoys the babies too which makes it a lot easier to bring your baby. I would definitely recommend to other Moms as it's great to do something for yourself after giving birth but more importantly to know how to aid recovery of pelvic floor & DR.

Deirdre Chow

Sara, you were amazing, nothing was ever too much!! So approachable and friendly. I felt I could have asked you for help with anything not just exercise. You are an excellent mentor especially for first time mums who need a little guidance and encouragement! What you do and how you do it is a real credit to you. Adam also liked you!! The programme was very good value, I got so much more than what I 'bought into, from the ads I thought it was just an exercise class, but learned all about nutrition and general mum life balance! Not only did I learn how to exercise, and feel my fitness and health has greatly improved but I learned how to eat properly for my bodies needs. I also feel this class had a great effect on my mindset, definitely feeling more positive and enjoying my maternity leave more. I definitely would recommend this programme because there is no aftercare help or guidance available for mums once you leave the hospital. I was never checked for separation and did not know much about it until I started these classes, luckily I didn’t have any but if I did I would never have known. I learned so much on how to look after myself.

Sarah Reilly

Would definitely recommend, Sara is just brilliant, she was great at motivating people and it was great to know that she knows what she’s talking about.


Sara is fantastic, great enthusiasm & understanding. What I got out of the programme was an enthusiasm for exercise again. A refocusing on what I eat and shopping and overall eating healthy. Yes,yes, yes I would definitely recommend... a good combination of social, exercise and diet advise.

Siobhan Curtin

I would absolutely recommend this programme. Its such a good idea and a "safe place" for mams to dip their toes into exercise. Also Sara really knows her stuff so I definitely felt safe/in good hands. Her passion is also infectious and it makes you want to exercise!

Eimear Price

Being assessed at the beginning and end of the series was important to me. Having a relaxed environment, allowing the mums to chat and get to know each other was great... this provided an esssential element to the classes. The pace of the classes was super, and I loved having the 2 classes per week. This kept me motivated. Sara provided a great series which progressed well through the weeks. The nutritional chat, videos and chat on the Facebook forum is wonderful and something I will dip into again going forward. It was great to have a focus on me and my recovery... I hope that doesn't sound too selfish.. Sara was super... giving personal experience, super advice, very professional, kind to mummies and babies, patient, personable with everyone, motivating and a good cook☺

Sinead O'Doherty

Would definitely recommend & have done. Great outlet to meet people & excellent way to get back to exercise gradually.

Kathleen Fitzgerald

Found the Postnatal Mom guide & info really useful, there is so much confusion out there about what you should be including in your diet so this gave me ideas and I am introducing one by one every few weeks so that they become habits rather than a fad. Cannot praise Sara highly enough, very easy to talk to and ask advice from. Very caring and in tune with the needs of the postnatal mum, never pushes anyone beyond what they are able for. I got out of the programme what I set out to get which was to feel good about myself again & start working towards being strong again so that I have ample energy for my 3 babies. Given that I’ve had a stressful few months, I feel the exercise programme & the nutrition side of things has put me in a better place to deal with stress when it appears. I would absolutely recommend these classes, for all the reasons I've mentioned above, plus it's a chance for mum to do something for herself and feel great at the end of, also get to meet other mums and in the company of your little baba.

Marie Buckley

I was expecting to get fit, strong & to engage muscles I haven’t felt in a long time & to meet other Moms. What I got out of it was all of the above & more. I feel fantastic, reenergized, stronger & motivated. Sara the instructor is fab, loved all the encouragement. She looks at each individual & encourages them to focus on their technique & how they can improve or get more from the class. I would absolutely recommend this programme not only is it great socially & gets you fit again but it is full of nutritional info, yummy recipes & lovely people.

Mags, Limerick

It was a very well thought out programme, I couldn’t fault it. I got great enjoyment out of it, it was lovely to meet other mothers & have discussions & great advice. The programme helped me get back into fitness & healthy eating. Sara was so friendly, warm & approachable, all the qualities new vulnerable mothers need. She just gets it!!

Louise Griffith

I got an awful lot out of the class. Found the variation of exercises great. The programme made me look at my diet & also gave me lovely new recipes to try out. Met a lovely group of girls & even swapped phone no’s for meet ups outside of class. Would definitely recommend, it’s a great way of getting back to exercise. Its important to do exercises that work for your body postnately & found this class great rather than an normal exercise class designed for just anyone.

Aisling, Newmarket

I have already & would recommend to postnatal moms as they need good information to return to exercise to avoid injury etc. Very good for physical but also mental health.

Sarah Clifford, Charleville

Would definitely recommend, its great to improve strength & pelvic floor. I feel stronger & fitter & have more confidence in working out.

Leanne, Charleville

I would recommend as the pace & environment is ideal. The support is great, very welcoming & friendly and I now have the confidence that I can build up my fitness again. Great to meet other Moms in a similar situation.

Clara x

Loved the classes. Sara was brilliant. She gave me great advice & reassurance. Is so approachable & is excellent at what she does. Great with our babies too☺.

Aine Stack

I had a threatening prolapse & attended physio while also doing Sara’s programme. I had a physio appointment about 2 weeks after Sara’s classes had finished and she was delighted with my progress and could see excellent progress thanks to the class and the videos which where a god send to me because I could look & do them at anytime.


Excellent classes I closed my 3 finger tummy gap (DR) within 6 weeks!!! Found Sara's class ideal for postnatal repair and gradual return to exercise. The continuous individual assessment regarding Diastasis Recti was so reassuring. Got great tips for simple breathing exercises at home to heal DR and also really practical diet tips / recipes. Course is so much more than exercise, meeting mums on the same postnatal journey is empowering. There is also no need to worry about baby crying during class, you can tend to baby at any stage and Sara is great to mind while mums exercise. Also the class is a breastfeeding friendly environment and great tips for energy foods for while nursing and nursing sports bra's tried and tested. The home exercise videos are great, really helps in class with technique and I was new to weight training so more confident now that I am doing it right. We all want baby weight gone but Sara’s advice on gradual changes is so on the money for sustainable weightloss especially with a newborn

Barbara Riall

I highly recommend this class to all new mothers. I really enjoyed going every week, meeting other mothers and getting a good work out aswel. It is a great atmosphere for the babies too who all seem to really enjoy it. Sara is a fantastic coach who gives great advice on both excerise and nutrition and kept us motivated with tips, excerise videos and recipe's in the Facebook group.

Marian McCarthy

Highly recommend Sara's post natal classes. This programme is specifically tailored for post natal mum's wanting to return to exercise in a safe environment. As Sara is a mum herself she totally understands the various issues new mum's might face and is so supportive and takes a genuine interest in everyone that attends her classes. Sara is highly trained fitness instructor and focuses on exercises that will help to regain all important core strength and build up fitness level at a gradual level. The postnatal guide also includes some great advice on nutrition and general well being. Sara has a wealth of knowledge in this area and provides some valuable tips and techniques during the classes. The personal 1 to 1 assessment at the beginning of the programme is hugely beneficial and Sara will perform re assessment throughout the programme to monitor individual progress. There is also a lovely social aspect to these classes getting the opportunity to meet other lovely mums and their babies in a very relaxed atmosphere. Loved attending these classes and genuinely can't speak highly enough of Sara.

Rosemarie Cotter O'Connor

Sara is amazing. Her classes suit all fitness levels and I feel more energised and fit since taking them. Great way to kick start your post partum fitness and nutrition regime. She doesn’t rush you and gets you to work at your own pace helping you gain momentum over the weeks. My son especially loved all the cuddles he got during the class. Great classes for all mums and bubs!!!

Bijal Patel

For all the new mammies out there Sara's classes are a must. It's so hard to find time to fit in some mammy time when you're at home with your baby so I loved being able to bring Aoife along to class with me, have a workout, a cup of coffee and chats with the other mammies and also some really yummy healthy treats compliments of Sara

Sandra Moloney

I have attended Sara's classes after both of my babies. Sara is so passionate about fitness and exercise...particularly in the post natal period. Her exercises are tailored to ensure they are safe for post natal women and take into consideration the potential different issues (e.g. C-section, diastasis, pelvic floor dysfunction etc). I loved the classes. A great and safe way to exercise as well as socialise with other lovely mums.

Ellen Leacy

Sara is fantastic. She is extremely supportive and kind. Her knowledge of postnatal fitness and nutrition is outstanding. She understands mammies and all their postnatal needs. Highly recommend Sara's classes both for body and mind.

Louise Kennedy Madden

Totally recommend Sara's classes, she was so supportive and helps you get back into exercise after pregnancy. The classes have a lovely atmosphere and it's great to meet new moms and babies. Best of luck with the new classes Sara x

Áine McCarthy

Sara's classes are great. She is so supportive and accommodating. The classes help you gradually get back into exercise after pregnancy. The classes have a lovely atmosphere and the chats afterwards are nice.

Patricia Donovan

Sara is a fantastic coach. I attended her classes after two pregnancies and benefited greatly from them. Her advice, support, motivation and kindness is first class. Her classes are tailered to the needs of her clients. Socially meeting other mums also added to the enjoyment of her classes. Best wishes Sara.

Mairead Maxwell

Sara is brilliant, she is passionate about post natal recovery and very knowledgeable about safe exercises for new moms with tired bodies!

Aoife Lynch

Sara is supportive in so many ways that go above and beyond the role of a fitness coach. She invests time in the wellbeing of all her mums (with advice about everything from food to baby reflux!), as well as ensuring that they get their fabulous bods in shape. Her classes start off gently, and week by week challenge you more and make you feel so much stronger. Sara is the perfect person to have in your corner as you're coming out of the baby fog!

Gráinne Larkin

Can't recommend Sara highly enough. I enjoyed every single minute of her classes and learnt so much. I also loved the chats with the other mums after the class and Sara always had one of her healthy (but extremely tasty) treats for us to go with our tea.

Joyce Coffey

Thoroughly recommend Sara’s classes for any Postnatal mums - great mix of cardio, strength exercises and core restoration. Sara is a top class fitness coach and a lovely person who creates a safe and welcoming space for mums.

Katherine Hussey

I cannot recommend Sara and the Postnatal Coach classes enough! I really enjoyed every single session. There was a perfect mix of exercises suited to each individual lady’s ability and I really felt myself get stronger and more able each week. Sara completes a one to one assessment at the beginning and keeps a close eye on your progress throughout. What I really enjoyed the most was spending time with like minded moms, meeting and watching all the little babies grow over the weeks and having much needed chats over tea, coffee and healthy treats!

Stacey Mesches

I found Sara to be incredibly genuine and so lovely. She provides really great advice and guidance throughout the course. She had a beautiful manner and is very encouraging. The video’s were very helpful for home workouts and to gain some fitness while baby naps. The Postnatal Mom Guide was such a lovely resource to come away with. I would recommend this programme, I have already told my consultant about it at my 8 week check up.

Noelle Aherne