Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the 6 week programme?

In brief there is an introduction & assessment on your first morning with a choice of 1 or 2 classes a week for 6 weeks. You will receieve The Postnatal Mom Guide with information & recipes to support you & your goals of healing & strengthening your core & body, a link to video exercises to do in the comfort of your own home and access to a closed Facebook group with lots more helpful information, all of which will help keep you motivated throughout the 6 weeks. Please click on the booking button to see the full details.


How many weeks postnatal should I be?

I ask that you are at least 6 weeks post natural birth & 8 weeks post c-section, with sign off from your doctor to return to exercise (verbal sign off is sufficient). However, that does not mean you can ever be too late to start. I have Moms ranging from 6 weeks up to 10 months postnatal starting with me. Once you have had a baby, you are forever postnatal and your starting point is your starting point no matter how far post childbirth you are.


Do I have to have to wait for my 6 week check up & sign off from my doctor before I book?

No, you can book whenever you like. I have had Moms book from their Maternity bed or before. If your doctor doesn’t sign you off to exercise in your checkup, you can postpone the classes till the next round or I’ll give you a full refund.


Can I bring my baby?

YES, of course! I love to meet your little ones & get snuggles (with your permission of course:), but it is not a necessity to bring your baby either. Plenty of Moms come by themselves if they have someone to mind their babies.


Is there a maximum age for my baby to attend?

It depends on each baby but I ask as long as the baby isn’t too mobile it is ok, so around the 10 month mark. As much as I love having children in my classes I ask that toddlers or older kids do not attend as it can be a bit disruptive & hard for the Moms to concentrate & get the most out of the class, however I am totally ok if you get stuck the odd day.


What does my baby do while I exercise?

The babies usually sleep or are happy to watch you & the other Moms exercise. I supply a mat for you & a thick mat & blanket for the baby to lie beside you if you would prefer, but your baby may be just as happy to stay in their car seat or buggy. Some Moms even bring their babies favorite seat with them. You do whatever is best for you and your baby.


What happens if my baby gets unsettled during the class?

You can attend to your baby needs if & when that happens. I have a high changing table in the room if your baby needs a nappy change & I also have plenty of chairs if you need to breast or bottle feed. I will also help out (with your permission) as much as I can when I’m not instructing.


Would you recommend the 1 or 2 classes per week option?

To get the maximum results I would recommend the 2 days per week option & a lot of previous Moms that have gone through my programme would agree. However, I totally understand that Moms are very busy, tired & sometimes are traveling in from outside of Limerick and it can be a lot to make it to class twice a week. You have got to do what’s best for you & your situation. I include homework videos in this programme, so if you put in the work outside of the class, you can achieve the same results regardless.


What happens if I have to miss a class during the 6 weeks?

I am very flexible and if you have to miss a class you can make it up on any of the other class days that are suitable for you over the 6 weeks.


What do I need to bring with me?

Just you, your baby (but again not a necessity) & whatever your baby needs. I supply everything from the mats & kettlebells to cushions & blankets for the relaxation piece. I also supply water & refreshments that you can have before, during or after class.


What happens if my baby doesn’t settle for the relaxation piece?

I always go with the vibe from the babies, if the majority are settled & allow us to have a 5-10 minute relaxation piece at the end of class, I go with it. I also love to get my snuggles from the babies:) so I will take a baby (with permission of course) if it will help a Mom switch off for the 5-10mins. Some days it just doesn’t happen so I go with it & we go have our tea & coffee & chats early instead.


What do I wear?

You can wear anything you like as long as you are comfortable & you can move well. Just as long as you have no restrictions in your movement you will be fine. We work out in our bare feet so there is no need for runners, just come in whatever is comfortable for you.


Can I leave straight after class?

Yes of course, you don’t have to stay for the teas & coffees and I totally understand Moms are super busy or have other commitments, however it’s lovely to chat & meet other Moms in similar situations & stages of motherhood and what I like to call growing your "Mom Tribe" :)


What if I get really hot & sweaty and have to go somewhere after class?

There are shower facilities on the same floor as our studio where you can bring the baby in the buggy with you. There is also a big changing room & hairdryer.


What type of exercise do we do in the class?

I’m specifically trained in postnatal exercise & movement. I’ve taken different parts of my training and designed my classes to be a mixture of all types of movement to help heal & strengthen your core & body to make you feel more confident in your body and everyday life. We do everything from breath work to strength training with just body weight first, working our way up to kettlebell weights to replicate Moms movement patterns. We also do short bursts of low impact cardio to energize the body & mind, burn the calories to help lose any unwanted weight and to help improve your overall fitness. The exercises also contain elements of yoga & pilates which help improve your posture, mobility & flexibility to keep the muscles in your body functional & strong. And we finish with a short meditation to help let the body & mind rest, as rest & relaxation is as important to the Mom's body & mind in the postnatal period.


What if I’m not able for some of the exercises?

Every Mom has had a different pre-pregnancy history, pregnancy, labour & postnatal experience. I have found that no two Moms are the same and shouldn’t be treated the same or expected to be able to move the exact same way as everyone else. I do a deep pre-screening & assessment on each Mom so I am aware of all of your issues, strengths or weaknesses and can coach & monitor accordingly throughout the 6 weeks. You go at your pace and because I keep the class numbers small I can watch and tailor the exercises to your needs and push you when you are ready. I am also there before or after a class to help you with anything you are finding difficulty with or for extra advice to help you reach your goals no matter what they are.